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Playdaite With Alison LeBrun & Guests
38 min2019 MAR 12
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#42 We Make Pretend with Eric Auger & Joe Pari


Eric Auger and Joe Pari Founders Of TEN31 Productions, Share with us the amazing story of how they started, the interesting challenge of getting a horses hind legs across the Canadian border, the most exciting part of co-creating Art with Clients, Their Performers & The Public, and how they have stayed inspired for so many years. Their company specializes in living statuary, and themed dance for all kinds of special events. �TEN31 grew from a simple, powerful idea that art can be “brought to life” and provide emotionally inspiring entertainment. The human form is TEN31’s canvas. �https://www.ten31productions.com/ https://youtu.be/2r6poOM5WYg.