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40min2022 APR 22
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What does it mean to be organized? How do you know when you’re done organizing? No one has ever officially defined "organized." I decided I would define it. We started by conducting academic-level research using our surveys. You can read more about Organize 365 Research and the finding on our Research page. For most Americans, organization happens as Swiss cheese organizing. You’re a little organized here and a little organized there. You can’t confidently say, “I AM organized,” because you think that being organized means perfection while not being organized is hoarding. You don’t have language for what happens in the middle of these two! We need to consider the idea of done rather than perfect. In this episode, I share many statistics and findings from our research, which is all leading us to change the way we present and teach the material in The Productive Home Solution. If you just get through the first 42 days of the 100 Day Home Organization Program, you will have 80% o...

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