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One Thing Required with Will Lee
53 min2014 JUN 4
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5: Andrew Ferebee Built a Community and a Business around his Passion


When Andrew Ferebee realized shortly after college that the corporate career path that he was on did not fulfill him, he started looking for alternatives. His passions were entrepreneurship and self improvement. When he did some research, he discovered that there were no good self-improvement websites for young men. And BAM, there was his future!

Andrew would create a website and community for young men who were interested in exploring topics related to personal development, fulfillment, and achieving greatness on their own terms. Thus was born the Knowledge For Men podcast and website (www.knowledgeformen.com).

Andrew talks about:

  • Creating a business around your passion
  • Becoming the go-to resource on a topic when you are not an expert in that topic
  • Bringing fresh ideas into your business by talking to experts outside your business
  • How writing from the heart is much more attractive to readers than generic content
  • The importance to the entrepreneur of understanding that starting a business comes with both highs and lows