Mind Meets Machine
6min2020 AUG 22
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News flash: You are terrible at hiring. Your “gut feeling” about a candidate doesn’t correlate at all to that person’s likely success level at your company. Don’t feel bad—this is a universal human problem. Study after study has shown that unstructured interviews and “gotcha” brainteasers result in unreliable hiring decisions. Once you’re armed with that knowledge, the only thing that’s inexcusable is doing nothing about it.Don’t be swayed by feelingsToo often, decision-makers let their gut override a more formal analysis of the data.Research shows that intuition-based hiring practices fail to accurately determine which people are going to be a good fit for an organization.Most interviews encounter at least one of two failure modes:Interviewer tends to seek out and favor candidates who look and act like the interviewer.Interviewer tests candidates with brain teasers, which accomplishes little except making the interviewer feel smart.Learn from GoogleCommit to evaluating y...