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Mockery Manor
27 min2020 MAR 3
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5. Spirograph


Previously on Mockery Manor: Everything is open, but Parker hasn't been seen for days, as he is now living in the Manor house. Emma tells JJ that Parker has Sonia's stolen charm bracelet (despite everyone thinking JJ is the thief), and tells her to make Parker give it back. Furious, JJ sneaks into the Manor to find Parker. He tells her that he is now head of security, and has been keeping an eye on everyone while dressed as Mr Crackles. In costume, he gives JJ the bracelet during the parade. JJ is shocked to discover a tag belonging to her Auntie Janet's dog Harvey attached to the bracelet. At that moment, Sonia, who is dressed as Queen Booboos, falls hard from the top of a parade float.
In this episode: JJ learns that she may be at Mockery Manor for a reason, and Bette is pushed to breaking point.
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