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40 min2 w ago
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#539 Jeremy Allaire on USDC’s Incredible Growth


Jeremy Allaire is the co-founder and CEO of Circle, the company behind USDC, which is issued by regulated financial institutions, backed by fully reserved assets, redeemable on a 1:1 basis for US dollars. In this conversation, we discuss USD Coin, how it works, current progress, how Circle makes money, most popular use cases, Visa partnership, DeFi, treasury management product, and streaming money. ======================= Polymarket is the world’s leading information markets platform where you can trade on the most pressing global questions. Choose from a variety of markets to trade: Will Trump launch a new social media platform? Will NFT trading volume continue to skyrocket? With over 100 million dollars traded in the last 6 months, Polymarket is the go-to platform to trade on the odds of future events. Think you know more than the market? Trade on your beliefs and earn a return if you’re right. Want tomorrow’s news today? Use Polymarket to see real-time data on what the market thinks will happen. No fake news, no pundits without skin in the game. So, head over topolymarket.comand make an account today with the referral code “Pomp.” Every Monday until May 10th, you can win $500 by participating in the #PolyWhale Twitter giveaway. Click on the link for more info:polymarket.co/PolyWhale ======================= OKEx is a leading crypto exchange known for providing the most options for crypto traders and investors. Whether you want to trade spot, futures, options or swaps, OKEx gives you institutional-grade tools and a best-in-class trading engine. The platform offers credit and debit card funding options and supports 40 different fiat currencies, including EUR, CAD, GBP, TRY, INR and RUB, to name just a few. You can invest, trade, and earn yield, all within one place at okex.com. OKEx is not available to customers in the United States. ======================= Exodus is an absolute game changer in the crypto wallet space, and we’ve teamed up to offer an exclusive discount for you, as listeners of the podcast. Sign up for Exodus today using my promo code Exodus.com/pomp. This is a no brainer for both newcomers and crypto heavyweights - go sign up today. =======================