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From Under a Rock
59 min2015 OCT 7
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55 - Pulp Fiction (Michael)


This one's a doozy.  After 21 years Steven can FINALLY be taken out from under the rock on Pulp Fiction.  This movie's got some of the most quotable lines in history and a serious craving for burgers and milkshakes.  Anyone else wanna let me have a bite of their Kahuna burger?  No?  Ok.  Well this movie's got everything.  Really, it does, it's almost 3 hours long.  But the great thing is it doesn't feel like it.  Despite all the dialogue, there's always something interesting happening and it's no wonder this is one of the must sees of cinema.Joining us this week is funny man Alex Poncio from UCB and Just Giggle It (Not Google! Don't sue us Google, or Alphabet, or whatever the Internet emperor's called now).  And special thanks to Christopher Walken for sponsoring this episode, he's your go to guy if you need to store any valuables. fuarock@gmail.com@FuaRockPodcastyoutube.com/hyperdrivepics@StevenZurita@TouchButtPro And check out our fill in guest for this episode at:Just Giggle It