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From Under a Rock
52 min2015 OCT 13
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56 - Signs (Steven)


You know what's scarier than Halloween?  M Night Shyamalan's career!  While he may be the butt of many a cinematic joke these days, there was once a time when he was an up and coming visionary auteur.  Let's travel back to that time, in rural Pennsylvania, where pre-meltdown Mel Gibson tells everyone he's not a father anymore, even to his kids, and aliens are putting signs in his fields.  Joaquin Phoenix spends his time swinging baseball bats instead of talking to Scarlett Johansen on his phone and Michael Showalter's a punk for some reason.  The movie Signs has been accepted with both praise for its quality and criticism for its plot holes.  Where do you fall?Joining us this week is the Pizza Boy himself, Wesley Bell, to help us tackle this layered thriller.  Much like a pizza itself, this movie may be about an alien/pepperoni invasion, but the real ingredient is faith/cheese.  With his new film The Visit turning his career around, can we take a page out of Graham Hess's book and also have faith in Shyamalan again?  Signs is definitely one of his better movies, so take off your tinfoil hats and let's dive in!fuarock@gmail.com@FuaRockPodcastyoutube.com/hyperdrivepics@StevenZurita@TouchButtPro And check out our fill in guest for this episode at:@WesMBell