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From Under a Rock
47 min2015 NOV 3
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59 - Casino Royale (Michael)


It's the origin to the secret agent that's already been around for like 50 years. We watched Daniel Craig's first entry in the Bond series in Casino Royale this week. Sit back and listen to us recount iconic scenes like bantering back and forth with Judi Dench's M, even though he officially first meets her in Goldeneye, which takes place in our past but his future, even though it's the 90s but this is 2006? The timeline of this series confuses me. But nonetheless, we go back to Bond's roots in this film as he's just been promoted to 007 and we'll see why the backstory behind how he treats women, learning how to work as an agent, and the UNFORGETTABLE scene that sets up Goldfinger's arc as a villain. Some people complain Craig's Bond films lack the flashy gadgets we've come to expect in the series, but in this installment James must trade those in for the fanciest gadget of all, the Heart of the Cards.  That's right, we're beating the bad guys by playing Poker, ladies and gents. Just poker. At least with Yugioh we'd have the Shadow Realm.Joining us once again is Shea Jones, who's even MORE qualified to talk to us about James Bond this week. Not only is he a 007 afficianado, but he's also a real life Poker expert. He'll demystify the game for us and go into exactly how they messed up in portraying one of his favorite games on screen.fuarock@gmail.com@FuaRockPodcastyoutube.com/hyperdrivepics@StevenZurita@TouchButtPro