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One Thing Required with Will Lee
46 min2014 JUN 5
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6: John Melley Got His Dream Job Then Built a Business Around It


John's passion as a boy was imitating the voices and characters that he heard on the radio and on tv, and he fell in love with radio.  As an adult, however, he graduated from college and became a lobbyist.  This was a long way from his passion. After several years, he started attending night school to get the training needed to get a job at a local radio station.

Fast forward several years, John achieved his goal of doing voiceover and production work at a radio station in Boston, and he's been doing it ever since.  If the story ended there, it would be inspirational.  But there is more.

Recognizing that jobs cannot be counted on to be permanent, John then worked to build a business on the side. With this business, John serves a variety of other businesses using his vocal and production skills.  The two sets of work (his job plus his company) keep him fulfilled doing work that he enjoys and provide him a diversified income stream.  That's a fantastic situation!

Listen to this episode and think about ways that you, too, could do something similar.

John talks about:

  • Finding a way to get from a job that he disliked to the job of his dreams
  • The importance of diversifying your income streams
  • Treating your job as if your employer is only one of several clients
  • Finding clients and minimizing competition by going where his competitors were not
  • Doing a booth at trade shows to find new clients, and how to pick which shows to attend