Mind Meets Machine
9min2020 AUG 22
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In spite of the massive successes of companies like Uber and Facebook, the power of digital platforms is still in its infancy. There are enormous opportunities for experimentation and learning as value shifts from products to those who can build intuitive, efficient platforms that connect people, providers, products, and more. But even in these early days, some compelling patterns have emerged.Lessons Learned with Apple’s iOSA digital platform will typically get introduced on top of an existing industry. For example, Apple’s iOS rests on top of the smartphone industry.Any platform needs two distinct groups of participants. iOS brings together app consumers and app developers. The platform sits in the middle and allows for easy connections between the two groups.As the two groups grow and stay connected, they make up a two-sided network. The two-sided network leads to a network effect - the more people who use the platform, the more valuable it becomes.Making the LeapMost industrie...