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From Under a Rock
43 min2017 JAN 25
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60.5 - Sailor Moon R by VIZ (Steven)


No, you're podcast feed isn't on the fritz, this actually is a revisit of a movie we already reviewed, back in Episode 42.5! And which member of FUAR would be dastardly enough to return to a franchise? Why the same man who picked from the Terminator universe 3 times, Steven Zurita! Viz Media's had the English dubbing rights to Sailor Moon for a few years now, redubbing the show in a more faithful Japanese translation than the original run in the 90s, and they just redubbed the same movie we reviewed a few summers back and released it in theatres! With so many ways to watch the same movie now, Steven decided it'd be a good opportunity to talk about the differences between the Pioneer and VIZ dubs and what it was like seeing this 24 year old movie in theatres for the first time.
If you haven't seen this movie in any iteration at all, I highly reccomend you check out our review of it in Episode 42.5 to get an actual review of this movie, as this episode's more of a discussion of differences between the versions and the philosophies of dub culture.
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