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From Under a Rock
59 min2015 NOV 11
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60 - High Plains Drifter (Michael)


That's what the movie's called, I swear! We're not trying to be offensive. Either way, this is a controversial way to go out. And the movie we're reviewing has a fair bit of controversy from the get go as well. Yeesh. This week's movie, High Plains Drifter, is a Western starring Clint Eastwood about a stranger wandering into town and taking it over to train the residents of Lago to deal with an approaching gang of bandits. It fails horribly, so we came up with some better ways to train the town. Someone should probably teach them about hospitality too, they're horrible to visitors from the get go.This is a special episode since the original FUAR crew is back together! James joins us again after The Babadook and Ryan's recovered from his 90s panic attack awhile back. He's kind of turned into a connoisseur of the decade now. This is roughly our season 4 finale, though we never really stated which episodes were which seasons. Though if you looked at when we took long breaks in releasing episodes and when Ryan and James originally left the podcast, it gets us to 4 sections of podcast history, so 4 seasons!    This podcast only ever worked when we had schedules that allowed us to meet every week, but since they've slowly gotten busier and harder to coordinate over the last couple months this may be more than just a season finale. I don't want to call it a series finale for certain since you never know what the future holds, but in case it is, I'd like to sincerely thank you for joining the FUAR of us on this journey. If you've been with us from the beginning, you've watched over 60 movies with us! That's a lot to be taken out from under the rock from. And if you're like me, you've got a lot more to talk about when the subject of movies comes up with your friends and developed a critical eye for them too. To everyone who ever wrote in, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I might upload random thoughts or unaired tidbits in the months to come while we still have our subscription to podbean. Maybe a "best of" segment or two. We'll see.    If you still want your fill of us every week, a couple of us are pretty busy online with other projects, often with other members of this very same podcast! Please do us a favor and follow us on our social media below to see what bigger and better projects we move on to. Thanks again, guys. YOU'RE the all stars!    Steven's weekly YouTube videos: youtube.com/hyperdrivepicsJames's Music: Ram Shackle    Steven Zurita: @StevenZuritaMichael Ornelas: @TouchButtProJames McEnelly: @Mr_McDoodlesRyan Evans: @GamesEnderSF4