Mind Meets Machine
9min2020 AUG 27
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We’re in the middle of a monumental transition—one so rapid and widespread that it will leave many businesses behind, scratching their heads. This certainly isn’t the first time in human history we’ve been here, but the nature of change in the second machine age is different in kind from anything we’ve ever experienced before. Companies that thrive in this new era, says Andrew McAfee, will be those that reorient themselves toward machine, platform, and crowd.Recognize the new technological momentAbout 100 years ago, factories began replacing steam power with electric power. Factory owners agreed that electricity was the future of power.However, most established companies didn’t survive that transition. They underestimated how different electricity was from steam.Most companies simply swapped their steam engine for an electric one. Everything else about how the factory operated stayed the same.Innovative factory owners realized that electricity could be used to reimagine how th...