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One Thing Required with Will Lee
45 min2014 JUN 25
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8: Mike Michalowicz Uses Toilet Paper and Pumpkins to Build Great Businesses


Mike Michalowicz is one guy every entrepreneur should listen to. Mike started three multi-million dollar businesses, one of which he sold to a co-founder and another of which was sold after only a few years to a Fortune 500 company. In addition, he has started and/or advised many startup businesses.

It's not all been roses, though. Mike has experienced some pretty heart wrenching business failures, too, which he discusses in the interview. The important thing is that he learned from all his experiences, both the good and the bad, and he's bounced back stronger than ever.

Now an author, Mike is following his passion. He has written three books on entrepreneurship which address the natural sequence an entrepreneur goes through when building their business.

In our interview, Mike talks about:

    • Why having too much money available when starting a business can lead to bad decisions and losses
    • Why the business "pivot" can lead an entrepreneur into a business he or she may grow to hate, even when sales are booming
    • What we can learn from pumpkin farmers to grow our businesses faster, increase profits, and make ourselves much happier in the process
    • How his "pay yourself first" concept leads to finding creative solutions and (almost) guaranteed profitability
    • How your best clients can help you find a wealth of new clients (and sales) just like them

Mike can be found on his website at www.MikeMichalowicz.com

I highly recommend you check out his many FREE, VALUABLE downloadable resources here.

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