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Mockery Manor
26 min2020 JUN 1
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8. Tunnel Of Love


Previously on Mockery Manor: After Parker shows her the photograph of Auntie Janet with Margot and the park contractors, JJ realises that Janet was the screaming woman from the Dreamland recording. She runs to call the police, but is distracted by her ex-boyfriend Graham, who has run away from his wife and unexpectedly arrived at the park. Needing a place to stay, JJ escorts Graham to the uninhabited gardener's cottage in the woods. But once he is alone, Graham becomes the third victim of the Mockery Manor murderer. Meanwhile, a terrified and dishevelled Bette reappears in the park. The twins are reunited, and Bette tells JJ that Manager Norton abducted and drugged her. Bette had awoken in the woods to find Norton digging a hole, before she overpowered him, and beat him to death with his shovel.
On this episode: JJ concocts a plan to help Bette escape the police, Margot is visited by her estranged mother Dorothy, and Parker ends up in hot water...
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