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One Thing Required with Will Lee
31 min2014 JUL 23
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9: John Lee Dumas Turned Podcasting into Gold


John Lee Dumas loved listening to podcasts. He could download to his phone exactly what he wanted to listen to and then listen to them while he was on the go. He could pause them when he wanted, and then resume playing later without having missed a thing. The only problem was that there were not enough podcasts available to satisfy his appetite.  He'd quickly run out of shows and have to wait for something new to become available. This drove him nuts!

John decided to solve the problem himself. He quit his job and created a daily (7 days per week) business podcast, the exact frequency and content that he himself wanted to hear! Others told him this was crazy, that no one needed a daily show, and that it would be near impossible to maintain that pace.  

John has long since proved them wrong! The EntrepreneurOnFire podcast was launched in June 2012, won Best in iTunes 2013, and so far has been downloaded over 7.6 million times. It sure seems that a lot of other people shared John's pain and love his content!

In our interview, John talks about:

    • The key to staying on top in iTunes
    • Why getting a business mentor early on was so important to helping him be successful
    • How mastermind groups are a great resource for every entrepreneur
    • Why he believes perseverance is so important for every entrepreneur looking for business success
    • How his clients help him find his next great product ideas

John can be found on his website at www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com

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