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Podcast Goals
32 min2018 NOV 13
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#90sMusicGoals – Spice Girls fever and music that shaped a generation


In the month that the Spice Girls reunited [moment of appreciation] Amy and Sophie discuss the girl band that provided the soundtrack to their youth – the tunes, the ridiculous amount of merchandise, Spice World the movie, all that girl power – what a time to be alive! They also reminisce about the other 90s bands whose posters they were ripping out of Smash Hits and whose calendars they were praying were in their Christmas stocking. They also reveal the first ever cassette they bought from Woolworths (remember the fun?!). This episode will transport you back to the 90s in no time so make sure your dial up broadband connection is strong. Join in the chat by tagging @podcastgoals on social media. 

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