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The Kidmin Podcast
62 min2017 NOV 8
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A Crash Course in Storytelling (Part 3) | Episode 10: The Kidmin Podcast


​We all LOVE stories, but how do we TELL stories? Is there a formula or an outline we can follow to help us become better storytellers? Absolutely! In the third part of this three part workshop, Adam talks about "putting your butt in the chair and writing your next script."

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This is a podcast designed to help children's ministry leaders creatively teach the word of God to kids. Each episode we tackle one theme and interview a children's ministry leader making it happen every single weekend. Join us for season one as we talk all things #kidmin creative, from writing and message prep to music and puppetry. New episodes are posted the first Tuesday of every month. Hosted by Adam Bush. Presented by The Ambush Group.

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