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6min2022 APR 29
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Today’s bitesize is with Kate - co-host of The Fertility Podcast where you can find (yourfertilitynurse) Are you currently trying to conceive but nothing is happening? Do you find it hard to access your GP for help and would like to move forward on your fertility journey? Kate explains how she is now offering blood tests as well as her normal fertility consultation. So you can now choose to book a Preparing for Pregnancy home blood test and fertility consultation package or the Ovarian Reserve (Fertility MOT) home blood test and fertility consultation package. Here's what's involved in both: • Book the Planning for pregnancy blood test and a fertility consultation to review your results and receive bespoke advice on information on how to optimize your fertility. • Simple and easy-to-do finger-prick blood test. • Blood test checks your full hormone profile, Thyroid, prolactin, and vitamin D • 60-minute consultation provides personalized medical and lifestyle advice to optimize your fertility. Get in touch via ( and make sure you tell her you heard about her right here. Get in touch with (@fertilitypoddy )

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