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58min2022 APR 16
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In this episode, Terry lifts the lid on taking a games-based approach to learning design, sharing tips from his own development journey as he moves away from traditional training design and into creating games for learning. Even if you're not a 'games designer' - there are lots of transferrable ideas that can be included in workshops and courses. 00:46 Terry's games-based journey 03:34 Games-based learning and gamification 05:33 What makes games-based learning successful? 07:52 The Transform Deck 12:54 Creating a learning Escape Room 14:13 Playtesting games 17:45 Games-based learning help from communities and reading 20:00 The six levers of games-based learning 20:47 Lever 1: Put the learner at the centre 22:50 Lever 2: Set the learner an open challenge 26:35 Lever 3: Let the learner explore 30:48 Lever 4: Let them fail 35:47 Lever 5: Give the learner meaningful choices 38:36 Lever 6: Give them a nudge 42:40 Why there's no 'make it fun' lever 44:21 Making a start with games-based learning 45:48 Three ways to use games in your learning design 50:37 Sheridan's mini-topic -- the curse of knowledge Resource links Ludogogy: The Transform Deck: We Are the Rangers: Culturallye: Lee Sheldon's Multiplayer Classroom: Yu-kai Chou's Actionable Gamification: Codenames online: Contact the hosts Our Facebook page: Terry Pearce LinkedIn: Sheridan Webb LinkedIn: The Training Designers’ Club: Untold Play: - For game-based learning and gamified learning consultancy and design Power Hour: - For ready written bite-size training materials

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