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6 min2018 FEB 19
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ACP 065: King of the Hill, a Barista TNT


Join myself and Andrew Gomez as we chat about a home barista party. Recorded suuuper late at night after many enjoyable alcoholic beverages.

At the intro I mention this cold brew cocktail: “The Cold Brew Rock-Slider” 0.5 oz DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Concentrate, 0.5 chocolate liqueur, 1 oz Baileys Almond Liqueur, 3 oz Oatly, ice.

‘King of the Hill’ barista event: tickets are $1, all the tickets go into a hat, 2 names are drawn, the winning pour is on ‘the hill’ as the current ‘King of the Hill,’ 2 new challengers come up and pour, if the King of the Hill gets 1 of the 3 votes from the judges then its still king, if a new pour wins then it becomes the king, this goes on till a set time (that is unknown to judges/competitors) has ended.

Great way to run through a large amount of people. The nature of the random names being drawn makes it fun, but also you will need to have better lead time in announcing the next 1-3 sets of people, so they can make their way to the front and be ready.

Special thanks to Juniper the corgi, for running around in the background and barking (photo -https://www.instagram.com/p/Be1BvgQhLES/?taken-by=audio_cafe)