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21 min2018 DEC 16
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ACP 069: Derrick Wessels is a Renaissance (Coffee) Man


Derrick Wessels (Instagram @Coffee_Derrick) owner of Beagle Coffee in Colorado. This episode was recorded on a pullout couch the day before US Coffee Champs Denver, December 2018. “This is a podcast, we talk about coffee” why have I never used this before? Its so simple =]

TIME 1:00 how can you balance so many things like travel and work and roasting coffee?
1) Derrick uses 4 different calendars to manage his life
2) He pre-packs his daily needs in his car. Always plan to finish all your daily tasks before you return home again. Driving home to grab something you forgot kills your schedule.
3) He pre-plans meals “Meal prep” to allow him time to relax while between gigs, no need to run around for food. High protein meals is a must.
4) Just waiting in line for food can take a whole hour.
5) 2 jobs, roasting job, travel to compete in 4 types of competitions (latte art all over the USA, Coffee Fest presents both America’s Best Cold Brew & America’s Best Espresso, US Coffee Champs Barista Championships, plus regional events).
6) A lot of people don’t have the motivation pushing them to learn new things.
7) Balancing multiple jobs helps break up the work day. “It’s all a different flow” “the high energy doesn’t let you think about being tired.” Barista vs bartending shifts have different energy.

TIME 6:45 Natural progression from barista to bartender, some of the differences are fairly obvious.
1) Bartenders will spend more time on each drink
2) Bartenders are known for more in depth customer service
3) Bartenders have a wide variety of ingredients and though they may not love making a Mojito they won’t shy away from it
4) No one is going to judge you for getting a sweet cocktail, but at a cafe it feels that way
5) Bartenders like to pre-prep their ingredients. They place items as efficiently-close as they can.
6) Proper bar design, aesthetic is nice, but focus on efficiency

TIME 8:00 HECK YEAH, “Iced Vanilla Lattes”
How can you expect to provide a good experience for a drink you’ve never even had?

TIME 9:35 the gateway mocha

TIME 10:00 Prep as much as you can ahead of time
From bar to barista, signature drinks… Make as much of your drink in front of a judge as you can. Prepare your station, be efficient. Extra little movements add to minutes of waiting time for customers in a long line

TIME 11:00 Bar design
Ambiance vs access
Immediate access fridge so the barista doesn’t have to even move their feet.

TIME 12:30 Do you taste your batches?
Smelling is 1 thing, but tasting and even swallowing is very important.

TIME 15:45 temperature
Time and temperature effect coffee
As milk drink beverages sit they change wildly, the texture leaves which is big.
“Educate through curiosity”

TIME 19:30 you must try the entire menu
You don’t have to finish it, but be a part of your customer’s world

TIME 21:00 How did you break your nose?

Music sample brought to you via FreeMusicArchive.org, artist: The Dirty Moogs, track: Julies An Android. Chosen for its fun vibes and for the lyric “She woke me up it was late on Saturday night..”