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11 min2018 DEC 29
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ACP 070: Try This Hot Mojito?


ACP 070: Try This Hot Mojito?

TIME 1:00 Wine needs to air-e-ate? Mellow out? What’s that word!
Some interesting notes from Decanter.com:
Clément Robert MS, head sommelier and wine buyer at 28-50 wine bars, recommends giving a wine 60 minutes, on average, to aerate.
‘If you were, for example, in the presence of a fragile wine, like an old vintage bottle, then I would not risk aerating it too much. I would probably open it in advance and try to find the right type of glass.’
In the case of most white wines, Steven Spurrier says, ‘because they don’t have tannins, the need for aeration is rarely necessary.’
TIME 1:50 “I love my coffee at like 120 degrees”
TIME 2:00 “I’ve been in hot tubs hotter than that”
TIME 2:15 Temperature reveals a lot about the coffee, such as the extraction. At a ‘lower temperature’ (say, 120-140) different flavors will come through such as (1) sweetness, (2) clarity of fruit flavors, (3) perception of oil, (4) acidity.
TIME 2:40 “The closer a beverage is to your body temperature, the more you can taste of it”
TIME 3:20 “Milk based drinks that are hot have a texture to them, so enjoy them sooner" before the texture is gone
TIME 3:50 The anatomy of the espresso machine is beautiful
TIME 4:40 The “Perfect Manhattan” dilutes over time in a wonderful way. The boozy body will mellow and entertain your palate in a different way.
TIME 5:20 Rockford Roasting Coffee, hot cocktails on the espresso machine. A hot Mojito on the espresso machine? Nuts! Direct message me on Instagram for the recipe =] @Audio_Cafe
TIME 6:00 As cocktails get hot we found less booze/spirit was needed. Such as a Hot Mojito, there was no soda water to thin the spirit and the hot water added significant aroma of rum
TIME 6:30 Part of taste is smell and when its hot it will get into your nasal cavity faster
TIME 7:00 Hot Margarita with Miller High Life? Yes.
TIME 7:50 Drinks will cool down quicker than they will warm up…. Hot beverages will cool ‘faster’ because they don’t have a heating element assisting them. Cold cocktails usually have ice sitting and helping.
TIME 9:15 There isn’t a lot of holding drinks at hot temps in the cafe world. Coffee cup “MiiR” MiiR.com
TIME 10:00 Coffee served at 3 degrees difference. Obviously brewing temperature is a huge factor.

Note from our legal department: *No water was harmed during the boiling process of this intro and outro*

Also, can you believe this episode took me 3 hours to edit? Insanity, why do I do this to myself? Well, because of great people like Derrick Wessels (Instagram @Coffee_Derrick).

Fun forum about temperature: