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17 min2019 APR 6
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ACP 073: Visiting Trade Shows & Making Friends


Big tips for walking trade show events:
1) Bring snacks, like nuts
2) Bring water
3) Know why you’re there
4) Seek out hashtags ahead of time
5) Volunteer at the event, for an exhibitor, or at an after party

Time 1:40
Zack Lyman (ZackLyman.com Instagram @ZachLymanPodcast)), lover of Hot Wings and Dr. Pepper, employee at DiedrichRoasters.com
I met Zack in Portland, “I walked up to you and I was like Steve Martin” because I was wearing a 7-piece all white bunny suit
2:50 How can people get the most out of a trade show?
Zach Lyman says: (1) know what you’re looking for. Or let me know sort of what you want to know. (2) Don’t be embarrassed, ask, we all need to learn. (3) I’m here to educate and have fun, don’t be scared to say hi.

Time 6:00
Lee Gordon (Instagram @LeeGordon), from Urnex likes to walk the floor and get a lay of the land. Then circle back to what he wants to see. Great idea, especially if you don’t have time to see everything.

Time 7:30
Derrick Wessels (Instagram @coffee_derrick) from Beagle Coffee is BACK!
1) I’ll work a booth to cover flights.
2) I don’t bring business cards, I bring swag like hats. Sarah Allen (9 mins) is queen of swag-hats.
3) Ship your winnings home.
4) Things can ship en route there, be very careful.
5) If its within 10 or so hours to drive, it may just be easier to drive. Like if you need groceries.
6) SNACKS, Bobos Bars from Boulder. Levi’s fav is almonds and string cheese. Something about that lighting and talking makes ya thirsty!
7) Beware of stains on booth counters, things are dirty.
8) How do you change your mind-set? Concentrate on breathing. Some people listen to music in their headphones. Some speakers look at the room from all angles.

14:00 planning outfits to wear on the trade show floor. Easy to move around, water resistant clothes if possible.

Thanks to my friends and FreeMusicArchive.org artists Daniel_Barbiero_-_06_-_Emanation & Monplaisir_-_15_-_Bass