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15min2022 APR 22
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What are the best practices when using DroneDeploy during mapping missions? Are there any preferred workflows to using DroneDeploy? Today's question is from Justin, who wants to know if DroneDeploy is the software of choice for use in mapping missions and what are some of the best practices around the use of DroneDeploy. We begin today's episode by listing the best resources for pilots undertaking mapping missions and going over the best workflows for an efficient and effective mapping mission. We then discuss how customer requirements can be a game changer to mapping projects deliveries and why pilots need to often consider this aspect when planning flight missions. We study DroneDeploy and its benefits and compare it with another leading mapping software solution, the Optelos, and delve into which software is better for today's mapping demands. A true assessment of a software is not complete by reviewing its application in mapping projects and we precisely trim down the comparison...

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