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Keep It Real With Khadija Podcast
83 min2020 MAY 13
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Alan Barratt


It’s a very high energy show today as Khadija is joined by Alan Barratt, the founder of Grenade, the high-performance product line that has taken the world by storm!

Alan discusses his incredible rise to the top, the determination that turned Grenade bars into the number one-selling chocolate bar in the UK, and how Alan balances his success with his personal life.

It’s an incredible conversation about a story we’ve all played a part in!

At the outset of the journey, times were tough. By fixing their view on the future they wanted, Alan and his wife worked relentlessly, their labours ultimately paying off when they turned £500 into a multi-million pound brand.
Grenade products were never meant to replace a complete diet. They act as a supplement, as a form of diet suppressant, and can impel us to drink more fluids.
As a business grows, it becomes less about the hustle and more about balancing. The lockdown has forced Grenade back into start-up phase, and the thrill of the hustle is very exciting.
Too many businesses focus on selling a product once. Grenade has become the best in its class by offering a quality product that people adore. 
Business can be addictive, but we need to learn when to let go and trust others to do the job for us. Always remember why we began the journey, and never let your personal life suffer.


’This was a hobby that turned into an obsession’

‘You cannot out-train a bad diet’

‘Most people don’t need a diet, they need a lifestyle change’

’Surely it’s got to be better to keep existing customers happy?’


Keeping it Real with Khadija Podcast  

Alan Barratt LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-barratt-101b1731/?originalSubdomain=uk

Grenade - https://www.grenade.com/


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