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E-Commerce Expander Secrets
6 min2020 OCT 23
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Amazon FBA Key Brexit Dates | Global E-Commerce Experts - Compliance Corner


It's a Compliance Corner double bill this week as we need to stress the importance of some key dates you need to be aware of, for FBA changes before Brexit.

We already covered it in a recent social post, but in case you missed it listen to hear Andy discuss the upcoming changes and what you'll need to do in order to prepare.

Saturday 14th November 2020 - Cross-border inventory removal orders will cease.

Friday 18th December 2020 - PAN-EU FBA inventory transfers between the UK and EU will stop.

Monday 21st December 2020

Cross-border fulfilment through EFN and PAN-EU FA starts wrapping up.

It is essential to take action and get VAT registered in both the UK and an EU marketplace country if you wish to continue selling in both the UK and in the EU. If you don't get this done by November, you will not be selling in Europe or UK (whichever one you're not registered in) come January 1st 2021. Now is the time to act.

If you require any assistance with that, of course we'd be glad to help you - please get in touch and we can get the ball rolling asap.

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