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1h 14min2019 JUN 1
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Darryl and Phil review Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel movie eleven years in the making. We discuss all the highly anticipated plot points in this surprisingly this love letter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  After a quick spoiler-free discussion, we talk about the main cast and how their stories resolve. We then look into the future of the MCU, given what we know, about upcoming movies and Disney+.  How much satisfaction and joy could two people get coming from watching the movie? Listen and find out! Time Codes 00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:53 - What Avengers: Endgame means to the MCU 00:03:55 - Spoiler-Free Review and Ratings 00:11:01 - Show Support 00:12:15 - Spoiler Space 00:13:09 - Joyful Moments 00:25:00 - Time Travel 00:36:38 - Character Development 00:55:39 - A-Force Future? 00:56:58 - Passing of the Gauntlet 00:00:00 - Not My Thanos 01:01:42 - AVENGERS... Assemble. 01:02:31 - The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe 01:13:07 - Outro Ratings Avengers: Endgame Darryl: A Phil: A+ References Age of Anderson (Avengers: Age of Ultron Review) - ROR 7 Infinite Podcast (Avengers: Infinity War) - UROR #13 Civil War Review (Captain America: Civil War) -IROR #31 The first Marvel TV to Movie crossover character Support The Show! Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Facebook - Twitter -