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53min2020 NOV 29
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Todays Spoken Label feature is the wonderful Andrew Shanahan, author of Before and After.  

Before and After is "Ben Stone is terrified. He's terrified because he weighs 601 pounds and needs his right leg amputating. He's terrified because a crane will shortly lift him from his fourth-floor flat and lower him 44 feet to an ambulance waiting below. He's terrified because he hasn't been outside in nine years and he doesn't know who will look after his beautiful dog.  He needn't worry though, because the world is about to end.  

"If you’re looking for a lovable main character, an action-packed story and a load of humour and horror along the way, you should definitely grab a copy of Before and After. Gore, humour, suspense, heart – it has everything, with as many twists and turns as you could hope for." Dystopic.co.uk  

"Thought-provoking and inspiring, Before and After works on many levels." The British Fantasy Society   "

This book is almost too well written, I had to stop reading to wince at some of the gory bits. I cried in parts and found myself just wanting MORE." Emma Jones   

"I love this book - it's like Shaun of the Dead with a weight loss twist." Yo   

"As good a debut novel as The Wasp Factory. A really stunning book and as horrible as Iain Banks' debut novel." Jeremy Smith  Before and After is a must-read for anyone who loves intelligent post-apocalyptic science fiction with a twist." 

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The extract read out after the interview is roughly just over half of the first chapter of Before and After.