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COMETSA Coaching Podcast
45 minJAN 31
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Applied Professional & Executive Coaching


The COMETSA Applied Professional & Executive Coaching (APEC) Programme is a weekly show presented on the COMETSA Global Online Channels on Mondays to Thursdays, between 12h30 and 14h30, South Africa Standard Time (SAST). The Channels are the platforms on which we create and curate content related to professional and executive coaching from the practitioner or applied methodologies perspective. The Channels are: COMETSA Radio Worldwide, COMETSA Radio Podcast, COMETSA Television Network (our video streaming channel on Twitch TV), COMETSA Online Shop, Sam Tsima Network (the blog), and Social Media Platforms. The Vision of COMETSA Applied Professional & Executive Coaching (APEC) Programme is to grow the coaching profession and build individual coaches, coaching organisations, and industry capacity to deliver professional and high quality coaching services.