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YUTORAH: YU Student Medical Ethics Society -- Recent Shiurim
--2018 DEC 20
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Artificial Wombs: A New Perspective On Fertility


Artificial Wombs: A New Perspective On Fertility - Dec 16, 2018 - The possibility of a baby developing in a bag seems like something straight out of a futuristic novel, yet the emerging field of ectogenesis seeks to do just this: provide the possibility of a fetus to develop outside the mother’s womb. This technology has
tremendous medical relevance for women who cannot carry a fetus to term, yet it also begs serious social and ethical questions: what does it mean for a fetus to never have a physical connection with the mother’s womb? How will this affect the social enterprise of childbearing and child-raising? Does a mother’s legal status now change and how does this relate to traditional parent-child relationships?