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12 min2017 JAN 4
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Ask Dr. Isaura Anything


Can you believe that the Latina Leadership Podcast is two weeks old?! I am so thrilled with the response and feedback you have shared with us – and encourage you to keep sending your questions, comments, and feedback! Today’s episode is our second installment of the Ask Isaura Anything series, and this week I’m diving deep into the questions you – my amazing Latina’s in leadership listeners – have submitted regarding the last few episodes of the show. I’m going to talk specifically on the questions you have about being a servant leader, giving feedback, and the ability to only move as fast as your slowest team member as well as what to do to help that team member speed up in the workplace. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dive in! By putting tasks on an individual that is beyond their scope or capacity, the work environment doesn’t allow that person’s true potential to shine through.” On Today’s Episode of the Latina Leadership Podcast: When you can be of se...