Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong
47min2019 JUN 1
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In our episode 300, our host Bernard Leong will be interviewed on everything under the sun on Analyse Asia. With the interview conducted by Carol Yin, co-producer of the podcast, Bernard started with a couple of major announcements for Analyse Asia. Next, Bernard answered many interesting questions posed from the audience of the show such as: (i) the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southeast Asia, (ii) who will win the race between Grab and Gojek, (iii) fun and interesting facts about the podcast from how Bernard selects his guest to getting a prominent guest on the show via a business deal. Last but not least, we discuss where the Analyse Asia podcast is going and an upcoming premium content project. Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included): Welcome Carol Yin, the co-producer of the show as the host of Episode 300. [0:37] Major Announcements on Analyse Asia podcast [1:29] We will make a significant change in the title...