Romancing the Monsters Podcast
55min2022 APR 28
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Spoilers! We either love ‘em or we hate ‘em. Today, we discuss all things related to spoilers: Have we ever been spoiled? Do we purposely look out for spoilers? And then the worst question of all…have we ever accidentally spoiled someone else? Also, this episode contains an announcement for the next mini series that we'll be posting on the Podcast, starting next week! So keep an ear out for that! Books mentioned : Mafia Mistress by Mila Finelli Season of the Sun by Catherine Coulter Indebted series by Pepper Winters Love Me With Lies by Tarryn Fisher The Fine Print by Lauren Asher Triggers: mentions of death, forced marriage, post Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker grief and sadness, mention of emotional distress and suicidal thoughts. Find us: E-mail— Twitter—@theRTMpod Instagram—@romancingthemonsterspodcast TikTok—@Romancingthemonsterspod Find M: Instagram & Twitter—@foesandlovers Find S: Instagram & Twitter—@butthisbook Find Seff: Instagram & Twitter—@prosewithwoes Romancing the Monsters is a podcast that looks at the monster within: the shadow keeping the characters away from true and absolute happiness. This monster can be a prejudice, fear, insecurity, trauma and so on. We believe that romance novels are as much about one's personal journey as they are about finding love. After all, love makes us vulnerable and forces us to bare our monsters to another.

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