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49 min2016 SEP 18
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BizzleCastTV: JESSICA JONES "AKA I've Got the Blues" S1E11 Commentary by The Bizzle


Easily one of my favorite episodes, because we get tons of young Trish (Catherine Blades) and young Jess (Elizabeth Cappuccino) who play their younger selves to a T — two spectacular young female actors — and of course the deliciously evil stage mom of Trish, Mrs. Walker: “Patsy’s going to save you!” JJ discovering her powers after her accident and adoption by the Walkers and the genesis of Jessica’s protection over Trish, even (and especially) from her own mom. The Krav Maga pays off big time for Trish, although she almost gets herself killed fighting psycho ex-boyfriend. And of course the rock flautist, “Blowing.” Did I mention JJ and Trish (Hellcat?!!?!?) kicking ass together??! Queue up you Netflix S1E1 to 0’0”00, put on the subtitles, and let’s ride. Please check out more TV commentaries at: www.BizzleCastTV.com