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51 min2016 SEP 19
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BizzleCastTV: JESSICA JONES "AKA Smile!" S1E13 Commentary by The Bizzle


SEASON FINALE! “AKA Smile…” is this the true JJ smile we’ve been waiting for? The final confrontation with Kilgrave is Breaking Bad-level amazing, but not for the reasons you are probably expecting, and is one of the great climaxes ever on television. Throw in some Rosario Dawson - God bless her - killing it with her fresh and unique brand of naturalistic acting, as the connective tissue between Matt Murdoch, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and all future Defenders properties. Speaking of Luke - whose own show is about to come out as of this posting - we finally see him definitively un-Kilgraved and has some great exchanges with Rosario. Malcolm returns, not only forgiving Jessica but becoming perhaps her biggest advocate and follower other than Trish. A perfectly wrapped up single season but leaving the door open for the second season which we know is happening — all I can see is MASSIVELY HUGE props to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, JJ creator Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel head honch...