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52 min2016 SEP 18
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BizzleCastTV: JESSICA JONES "AKA Take a Bloody Number" S1E12 Commentary by The Bizzle


For me, the “funeral” for Ruben by his twin Robyn and Malcolm (“you put him with the fishes?”) and their extremely heartfelt but understated attempt to move on with their lives together and restore their faith in humanity is the best part of this episode; even if it is somewhat peripheral from a plot standpoint, great character drama is never peripheral in terms of the soul of the series: “Goodbye Ruben! I hope they have free express shipping in Heaven!” And how many constructions of “Kilgrave” can we coin in a single episode in my quest to determine how far back Luke Cage was first Kilgraved? Before the investigation of Reva in Episode 6? Before they ever slept together in the first few episodes? You could (and I do) spend all day figuring out the logistics, mechanics, and applications of Kilgrave-ing. Scary to think if we’ve ever seen the “real” Luke before. But with Luke Cage’s own show dropping September 30th, maybe we’ll get some real answers. Oh, and David Tennant...