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Kitchen Island Commentators
44 min2019 FEB 15
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Brian Moore & Peter Lorenzo (by Simon Moore & Matt Lorenzo)


In this podcast, Simon Moore and Matt Lorenzo join Jack to add vivid post-it notes to the cork board of football broadcasting about both their fathers' careers: TV football commentator Brian Moore and BBC football journalist Peter Lorenzo.

Both Brian and Peter were at their peak during a pioneering age for broadcasting in the 70's & 80's, with Brian taken into the hearts of the nation during his tenure on ITV for over 30 years and Peter a liquorice-infused voice accompanying sports fans on the radio throughout Saturday afternoons over the same period.

In this saunter through the past you can be guaranteed to find out: 

  • Simon's top 3 Brian Moore commentary moments (spoiler: 'it's up for grabs now' doesn't make the cut).

  • What it's like when Bobby Moore pops round for tea

  • Martin Tyler's definition of a nightclub

  • The importance of warmth in sports broadcasting 

  • Brian Moore's bittersweet night in St Etienne in 1998