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40 minAPR 2
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Brilliant Infrastructure of the Indigenous people


Sixty million Indigenous People lived throughout the Americas before European expansion. In a short amount of time, 90% of those people were lost to European disease and violence. An estimated loss of 55 million people; a 10% reduction of the world's population at that time. What happened to the infrastructure of each of these ancient people and what can we learn from it? Join Scott Zurn and Murray McBride as they discuss what went wrong when the Europeans settled the Americas. Instead of learning from the Indigenous People and their way of sustainable living, old European ideas were brought here and repeated the same mistakes. Also, enjoy a new segment where Scott and Murray discuss current events, like the Texas storms that left dozens dead and millions without power over several days. In this episode, they discuss: an LDPI update Continued: The history of infrastructure the importance of the A&E community's knowledge and our planet’s future the struggle between political forces and the public interest on infrastructure Sign up for our exclusive email newsletter to stay up to date on new episodes and opportunities. leveldesignpartners.com/podcast/