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Ruminate by Pulse
46 min2019 MAY 16
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Call of Duty SUCKS right now!


Well! if you love any sort of gaming then listen to this episode, because let me tell you something real quick. At the moment, COD isn't the best, and it certainly isn't what it used to be... especially gaming on a PC. Tune in today from our friday's episode as we discuss BO4, upcoming CODs and of curse, why the world ISN'T FLAT.

Very sorry about the audio problems this week. I know it seems as though we have them every episode. We will sort our shit together for next weeks episode. Thank you for supporting us and continuing to do so. Check out our twitch channels below for up to date streams of us playing video games. Any donation that is put through the twitch stream pages, will go directly to supporting this podcast and getting BETTER AND NOT FAULTY EQUIPMENT.




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