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28min2019 APR 7
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LHI's #HearHerStory features Carly Leahy, Co-Founder and CCO of Modern Fertility. 
Carly is the co-founder and CCO of Modern Fertility and a brand builder through and through. She has held brand and marketing roles at Google– leading creative for a grassroots initiative to help small businesses succeed online–and Uber, running content and creative strategy for new Uber products like UberEATS and UberHEALTH. At Modern Fertility, she’s focused on making the science of fertility more human and helpful for women everywhere. Modern Fertility is one of a growing number of female-founded tech brands putting design at the center of their proposition.
In this episode, Carly Leahy talks about democratizing fertility and reproductive health information for women and empowering female creative leaders. 

Featured Quotes
"People always ask, “well how did you do it? How do you build a company?” And I have the most boring answer in the world — a list. We literally had a document where every day we would just have a list of a few of the things that needed to get done. We’d cross off the list so we'd know what the other person is doing and we’d just keep going from there. So it doesn't sound super romantic or sexy, but it was all lists and they were awesome."
"You can build a company if you understand how to reach out to other people and create a story and work to humanize a product that you're developing. You are an absolute integral part to building something impactful for the world."
"I think the number one thing that I learned and I don't think is unique to the tech industry is that you want to be the kind of person people want to work with and that is the number one criteria for success. You want to support people and you want to follow through when you say you're going to do something."

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