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36 min2019 OCT 28
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CBBC 9: House of X #6 / Powers of X #6


Welcome to the conclusion of the most-talked about series of the year: HOXPOX! For those who are not familiar with that term, that represents House of X/Powers of X, the two separate titles written by Jonathan Hickman, serving a (dire-needed) reboot of the X-Universe. It goes without saying that this is imperative reading, whether you're a comic book fan or not. If you only remember the 90s titles and haven't looked back since, you would do well to at least give it a shot here. It is highly doubted you'll be disappointed: this is possibly the best treatment of the X-Universe in the history of Marvel's production of our favorite mutants.Both issues here involve Jonathan Hickman writing and Pepe Larraz on art, although Powers also has R.B. Silva on art. WIth the conclusion of this miniseries, we head into the Dawn of X, which will launch several Hickman-helmed titles (and to say i'm enthused is an understatement so vast, you could fly a roc through it).Next episode, even through all of the Joker oversaturation, we're covering one we consider a can't miss: Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, the team behind Gideon Falls, will be producing Joker: Killer Smile #1 by DC (if you know who these creators are, you're pissing your pants right now in anticipation). We will also be stopping in with G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward's visually awe-inspiring Invisible Kingdom #6. Get in where you can fit in (j/k love yaaaaall). Read up and talk it through with us. See you soon!