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5 min2020 NOV 11
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Changes to product compliance and labelling requirements | Global E-Commerce Experts - Compliance Corner


In today's Compliance Content Corner, Andy is covering the latest changes Changes to product compliance and labelling requirements that are coming as a result of the UK formally leaving the EU’s single market and customs union on January 1, 2021.  

While he lists what these changes are applying to namely those listed below:

New Energy Labelling requirements

New UKCA mark of conformity, to replace the CE mark of conformity.

New REACH chemical regulations

Changes for medical devices

Changes to hallmarking for jewellery Changes to food and drink labelling  

See the following link to get further information on these.


As always Product Compliance and Labelling requirements is something we can assist with if you need it so please get in touch if you want to ensure your products are eligible to sell in the UK come January 2021, especially given these new changes.

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