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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder
37 minMAR 27
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Changing Candidate Experience


Candidate Experience has been a regular topic on this podcast as long as this podcast has existed. People often get frustrated that we keep having to talk about it as poor candidate experiences still persist for many. However, improving the candidate experience isn't a single time-limited problem; it is an ongoing process that evolves in line with expectations and technology. With that in mind, talent acquisition teams must treat candidate experience strategically as a science rather than as a one-off project. My guest this week is Kevin Grossman, President of The Talent Board, the organisers of the Candidate Experience Awards. The Candidate Experience Awards have been running for ten years now, and Kevin has a massive amount of valuable data-based insights to share on how the candidate experience challenge has been evolving. In the interview, we discuss: The methodology and data behind The Candidate Experience Awards Candidate Experience as an ongoing challenge, not a single problem Transparency and feedback The challenge of sustaining a high-quality experience How the pandemic has increased transparency The rise of recruiting automation and how it is improving the candidate experience Taking a more scientific approach How chatbots are filling the communication gap Technology doesn't fix flawed processes. What might the future look like Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.