Supernatural Girlz
1h 30min2022 FEB 24
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Space, time, intention, matter, and consciousness all entangle in crystals. Nowhere is this more evident than in the ancient gem archetype of the chintamani, the wish-fulfilling jewel known in legends around the world as the stone that grants your heart’s desires. As authors/experts Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara reveal, the chintamani’s “tachyolithic” technology of wish-granting and spiritual enlightenment creates a vehicle for positive transformation. They tell us how the chintamani energy matrix can be accessed using tangible crystals and gemstones, meditation, yoga, and the powerful science of intention. Johndennis Govert is a feng shui consultant, astrologer, author, and Dharma teacher.Heis a yogi and guru of the profound path of spiritual liberation. He holds the lineage of three Dharma traditionsand isa practitioner of several mystic arts, called Dao or Ways, that are parallel paths and supports of spiritual development.Johndennis has been involved in a number of Traditi...

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