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1h 53min2022 APR 23
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New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Hey Joe: Poll shows 3 of 5 Americans blame Biden for inflation - Ex-top California Democrat says 'wokeism run amok' is why Biden is hemorrhaging Latino support - Biden confuses Title 42 with mask mandate - Analysis shows Biden thumbing nose at 'Remain in Mexico' court orders - Constitutional crisis looms if president continues to defy decisions - we'll examine. School Daze: Psaki: Teachers should talk with kindergartners about if they're 'a girl or a boy' - Florida health department condemns giving children puberty blockers for children - State releases examples of ‘Problematic’ CRT elements in textbooks - we'll explore. Plus, New deadly pill hits the streets and It’s 100 times STRONGER than Fentanyl - find out. And, Alice Cooper talks decades of sobriety and Christianity to the UK's Times. or

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