Unlocked: Daily Devotions for Teens
5min2022 JUL 14
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The city of Atlantis was real. My forehead pressed against the thick glass window of the submarine, and I could only gape as the shining city came into view. The best we could have hoped to find was the crumbled ruins of a once great city, now resting at the bottom of the ocean. We never could have anticipated this. The city was fully intact, safely enclosed inside a clear dome that protected the buildings, vegetation, and people from the freezing water of the ocean’s depths. The captain of our sub made contact with the natives of Atlantis, and they welcomed us into their city through a special double-door chamber that drained all the water from around our vessel so we could breathe the sweet air inside the dome. The city was bright and colorful. Flowers grew along the bustling streets filled with people laughing and selling goods like fresh produce and clothing. Children chased each other through the crowd, not a care or concern on their faces for the darkness that lay just outsid...

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