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Kitchen Island Commentators
45 min2020 JUN 26
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Cliff Morgan (by Miles Harrison)


Sky Sports' lead rugby union commentator Miles Harrison joins Jack Zorab in the e-kitchen on cloud Zoom to talk about the wondrous talents of commentator Cliff Morgan. 

In looking at Cliff's commentary of the legendary New Zealand v Barbarians match of 1973, Miles and Jack discuss:

- How Cliff's commentary is intertwined with the folklore of THAT try by Gareth Edwards.

- What effect watching the match had on a 7-year-old Miles Harrison.

- The magic of those 3 Phil Bennett sidesteps.

- John Bevan's almost try - and the last-ditch tackle by Alistair Scown. 

- Why Cliff Morgan is the David Gower of broadcasting.

- The sheep on a stick, the shale track, the lighting along the sidelines, and other memorable sights from the old Cardiff Arms Park.