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SAM TSIMA Coaching Podcast
6 min2020 OCT 19
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Coaching On Endings With Eric Ntlemeza


As we end the eight sessions Executive Coaching Programme with Mr Eric Ntlemeza (MBA student at the Johannesburg Business School), we focus on the importance of ENDINGS in any professional business relations (or private one for that matter), particularly to Coaching Relationship between the coach and client. Confidentiality is a must in a coaching relationship. What is discussed between the coach and client must be kept confidential by both. It cannot be shared with the public unless the two agree to do so. That is often done in the interest of educating and contributing to the development of the coaching profession. This is the case here with this podcast. Eric and I agreed that this session on ENDINGS is valuable to the entire coaching fraternity (coaches, clients, suppliers of coaching services, buyers of coaching services, sponsors of coaching, educators, trainers, supervisors, mentor-coaches, coaching federations, regulators, etc.). We are therefore willing to share our insights as our session does not contain anything confidential and/or harmful to each of us, or any of our stakeholders or network. Instead, we believe, the podcast will inspire and motivate them to do more for coaching. HAPPY LISTENING!